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Twelve Moon Totem Bracelets

Our Twelve Moon Totem Bracelets have been created by Chakra-Ascension with the healing knowledge we have acquired from the Medicine Wheel Workbook, written by Sun Bear and encompasses the birth dates related to each mineral totem.  Iife is a circle, from birth to death to re-birth.  Humans, like the seasons pass through many phases during their lives.  The moon stones of the Medicine Wheel give us a way of understanding and celebrating these changes.  The moon during which you were born determines your starting place on the wheel.  The minerals solidify the powers of the elemental forces.  They aid us in harnessing and understanding the intense primitive energies that flow through everything.  Although minerals seem to be solid and unchanging, that is partly illusion, the vibrational frequencies they possess give us an anchor in life's shifting sea.  Many people like to hold or wear their totem stones in order to feel more stable and more rooted in their current position in their journey through life.  Others wear or carry their mineral totem stones to bring about desired shifts in their energy field.  As you work with your totem mineral tools you may come to realize that you feel attached to or influenced by several of the totem stones.  This is why we custom create each of our Twelve Moon Totem Bracelets according to your date of birth and/or your personal needs at that time.  We encourage you to work with the minerals that call to you at any give time.  Keep in mind while choosing, although you only have one birth totem stone, all of the minerals described here can affect you as you travel on your journey.

Each bracelet will have listed the month of the year in which you were born, your mineral totem, which is the gemstone that the bracelet is created from, the plant totem, the animal totem and color.

Enjoy Your Journey!