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Turquoise provides excellent protection on all levels of being.  Many native people believe that turquoise can keep the wearer from injury and danger.  In the past they used it on shields to ward off weapons.  It has been used extensively in religious ceremonies and has been carved into fetishes and inlaid into other objects.  Turquoise has been used in rainmaking ceremonies.  The stone provides healilng, and strengthens already inherent healing abilities.  Turqouise is a good preventive healing stone that creates natural medicine to help you  understand some of the mysteries of life and the universe.  Such understanding can help you avoid the perils of disease.  It also brings good fortune to the wearer.

8 mm Turquoise Healing Bracelet-Oxidized and Buffed Silver

SKU: CB8Turq
  • Our Chakra Healing Bracelets are comprised of the highest quality gemstone beads, custom three-link sterling silver rolo chain for size adjustment and sterling silver hardware with a .024 cable for longevity.  All sterling silver on our bracelets can be oxidized for an extra charge of $15 each. (As shown on this bracelet)